Starting somewhere

August 2018

I finished a weekend new rider course and got licensed after my 2nd attempt (in my defense, I’m a nervous test taker and the guy in front of me flew off his bike during the quick stop, shredding his jeans and breaking my concentration). But I definitely wasn’t ready to ride my Harley. Much heavier than the tiny Honda from class, getting it out of my driveway and onto the road felt like an accomplishment. For a couple weeks in September, I took early morning rides down my windy rural road, hoping for no witnesses to my tentative progress. After a quick stop for a deer on a steep hill (helpful that I drove a standard in high school), it was evident that I could not, in fact, learn to ride a motorcycle in one weekend despite the license in my wallet. This photo marks my first successful mid-day ride to an actual destination❤️

Published by bitchontwowheels

Sharing banal observations of my motorcycle experiences.

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  1. Congratulation on your success! Your skills as a rider will always be improving, and keep heart, we all started exactly where you are now. Ride within your skill level and ride as often as you can. Soon you will feel very much at one with your machine. I wish you sunny days, full of sweeping turns. Welcome to the herd!

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