Protective impedimenta

It’s December. My bike is sitting in the shed. Last summer I dropped it in my boyfriend’s driveway and broke one of the windshield clips (or is it a clamp?) It’s filthy, and I’m sure my saddlebags are filled with random hair ties, socks, and chapstick.

In the last two summers since I learned to ride I’ve accumulated a lot of gear, mostly in an effort to protect myself from juvenile errors that I assume I’ll make, like when I ran into the mailbox in high school. And the street sign.

A full face and half helmet, leather jacket, boots, light and heavy gloves, day and night sunglasses. My full face helmet fogs up and feels constricting. I can’t find sunglasses that stay in place without leaving ridiculous marks on my face when I wear my half helmet. And my ears get cold. My leather jacket with multiple vents is amazing.When I remember to open and close them. And occasionally I take off without glasses on at all. I’m a rider in progress.

But my bike is perfect. Dirt and all.

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Sharing banal observations of my motorcycle experiences.

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  1. Never forget that owning and riding a Harley requires constant acquisition of goodies; bling for the bike then helmets, sunnies, T-shirts, leather jackets, boots and kevlar lined jeans for the rider. Almost forgot to add vests, both leather and denim. Then there are the compulsory Harley ‘literature’ purchases to adorn the bookshelves.

    It’s a life time thingy, commonly defined as the ‘Harley Lifestyle’. Welcome to the addicted


  2. As I fellow rider, I know all about the plethora of accoutrements that become our arsenal of protection and projection. It is just something you accept as part of being able to ride as often and as long as you can. My steed is sleeping away the winter too. But when springs finally breaks, all that gear will come in handy to get the season started as soon as possible. I wish you great success with your blog and look forward to your posts. Welcome and keep the shiny side up!


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